Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jeff Dudley Of Midland, Michigan, Offers Look Into Motivational Speaking

Jeff Dudley of Midland, MI, has always been passionate about connecting with people in both his personal and professional lives. He began his career in chemical engineering and worked for a very prominent chemical company for many years, when in 2004 he was awarded the Genesis Leadership Award. While Dudley was interested in the chemical engineering aspect of his job, he soon discovered he was more interested in leading people. Jeff Dudley of Midland has been able use his strong leadership capabilities to begin a career in motivational speaking. Motivational speaking is not something that comes naturally to many people; however, Jeff Dudley of Midland believes that if a person is passionate about something, then he can become an effective communicator on the topic. Dudley believes that if a person has passion and a genuine interest in communicating with people, then he will be able to speak to a crowd on the topic. While he understands that not everyone is interested in traveling the world speaking to large crowds, Dudley believes that anyone can become a more effective communicator and public speaker. Jeff Dudley of Midland offers a few tips to both those wanting to become professional speakers, and to those who would like to improve their public speaking skills for their careers. To captivate the audience, Dudley says that the person must first know their audience. For example, when Dudley speaks at a business conference in South America, he has a bit of a different delivery than speaking to a crowd in Michigan. Jeff Dudley of Midland says that knowing the audience makes it easier to connect. In addition to knowing the audience, Jeff Dudley notes that the speaker must communicate with confidence and passion for the subject material. Dudley, for example, is very interested in effective leadership and management. He is able to translate that interest into passion when speaking to business leaders. In order to communicate with confidence, one must be aware of his tone, pronunciation and body language. Midland’s Jeff Dudley emphasizes the importance of good posture and eye contact when communicating with a crow. He states that slouching and mumbling are surefire ways to lose the interest of a crowd. Jeff Dudley of Midland acknowledges that people have different communication styles and that not everyone is interested in delivering motivational speeches to thousands of people at a time. However, Dudley knows that communication is key in anyone’s personal and professional lives.

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